Welcome to QX Brands


Welcome to QX Brands, where Quality and Value are at the core of what we do.

At QX Brands, our vision is to be your most trustworthy living companion and go-to source by bringing together Quality products with eXceptional values. Every day, in everything we do, we seek:


Designed to delight and crafted to last. We believe that style evolves, but Quality is timeless. We select the premium materials then put them together with artisan craftsmanship - we create products that can be loved for a lifetime. Quality is in our DNA, we believe what quality we offer has a great impact in people's life, and if everyone lives a quality life the world will be a better place.

eXceptional value

We don't work with middelman, we don't sell in Brick and Mortar stores, and we strive to cut out all non-value-added portions from the products. Everything we offer is mindfully made and ethically sourced. We believe the money you spend deserves the best value possible. We offer the eXceptional value from both the products and our services. 

Please feel free to socialize with us on @qxbrands where we have a presence on most social media channels.

You can also visit us on KOZIS Store on Amazon.

We’re glad you’re here and looking forward to delighting you!

Happy Shopping!

Ken & Mike

Co-founders of QX Brands

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