What to consider when purchase UV-C sanitization device

February 25, 2021

What to consider when purchase UV-C sanitization device

The ultraviolet sanitization method has been around for years, but it never gets so much attention with the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Given all the stress and anxiety, it may be tempting to purchase whatever you come across, but it is critical that you make an educated decision about what you purchase and how to use the product. There are few things you need to keep in mind before purchasing an UV sanitization device. 

1) Wavelength

Not all ultraviolet light is the same, and the wavelength is what distinguishes UV lights that do and don't work for disinfection purposes. Ultraviolet is divided into three categories based on its wavelength value: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. To date, the most direct and conclusive research on sterilization has shown that UV-C is the only category of UV wavelengths that consistently work for sterilization, as this wavelength range is the only range capable of breaking down DNA and RNA. 

Most of the UV "blacklights" that you see on the market emit in the UV-A wavelengths, and are therefore not effective for sterilization applications. Beware of products that simply use "ultraviolet" as a marketing term, as dishonest sellers may be taking advantage of unaware consumers by labelling their UV-A products as being "effective for sterilization", and perhaps citing smaller and narrow research studies performed on a particular virus strain to suggest that it would also be effective against all viruses, including the COVID-19 coronavirus. 

You may see there are lots type of UV sanitization products on the market today, they appear to be all different forms, some are visible lights, some are wands, some are contained boxes....Technically, if you are trying to get a most powerful device (and you should), you should avoid getting one with visible lights. Why? If the light is visible, either it is not UV-C wavelength (many don't have UV at all), thus not effective, or it is dangerous to use, as it will harm you as the light is not contained. 

KOZIS UV-C sanitizers only use highly customized UV-C bulbs for both Mastiff and Bulldog. They are powerful and emitting the accurate 253.7 nm wavelength. Better yet, unlike most UV-C bulbs on the market today, they last at least 10,000 hours, which spans well over a reasonable life time of usage without any replacement work. 

2) Safety

UV-C wavelengths are far more powerful than other forms of ultraviolet. In fact, UV-C is not present in natural sunlight as it is blocked by earth's atmosphere. It is therefore very important to keep in mind that UV-C is an unnatural type of radiation, and that it is more powerful than dangerous forms of UV radiation present in natural sunlight, namely UV-A and UV-B.

UV-C can cause sunburn in human skin and also lead to skin cancer. Never expose humans or animals to UV-C radiation. Because UV-C rays are invisible, there is an extra risk of unintended exposure. Therefore, when considering UV-C as a sterilization method, be very careful to install and configure the product in a way that prevents humans and animals from being exposed, and use protective gear if necessary. 

While the immediate safety risks of UV-C are for humans and animals, UV-C is also damaging to certain materials. In a hospital, commercial or home setting, perhaps the most common material that would be susceptible to UV-C degradation would be plastic and wood. Different plastics would have different levels of resistance depending on whether or not they include UV stabilizers. There may be discoloration, weakening or the plastics may become brittle.

While the degradation may be only aesthetic in nature for some objects, some plastic objects may be completely compromised, leading to further safety risks. For example, if exposed for a long enough time, using UV-C to disinfect N95 masks may reduce its ability to properly filter out airborne pathogens.

Have you ever wondering why there are UV sanitizers that cost a fraction of some others? You may find them as low as less than 20 bucks, just remember you get what you pay for. When you look for a well designed and well built UV-C device, in addition to the workmanship, also check the details of how the device is working. A well designed UV-C unit would consider all the safety related matters, to ensure it will not harm human, animals or even the device itself. For example, if the interior of the sanitization surface is not treated, the UV light will deteriorate the housing and soon the housing will be damaged to cause even more damage, since most of the device are made with plastic. 

KOZIS UV-C sanitizers are designed with our decades of product knowledge combining extensive research, then made with superior workmanship. The UV-C light is completely contained when it is working, and the safety mechanism will shut the light off as soon as the chamber opens. The door will swing shut by itself to add extra safety. Inside the chamber are treated surface so no damage will be made to the chamber itself. The Nano tech footer will ensure the unit stay firmly anywhere you place it, to prevent any unintentionally movement, which may cause any damage to the device itself.

3) Capability

Be aware that UV-C sanitizers are not a magical device that will instantly and absolutely sterilize whatever items you place them in. For it to work properly, the UV-C radiation must reach a particular surface with sufficient strength. Some of the biggest pitfalls of UV-C sterilization include the inability to reach areas that are in "UV shadows." UV shadows refer to areas where another object blocks the UV rays from reaching. Most of the UV-C sanitization boxes on the market today do have this "pitfall", especially with the bigger boxes, they either come with racks or shelving that made with metal or plastic, to allow you to place more items at once, or the items will be in direct contact with the chamber surface. Which creates dead spot for UV ray to reach.  

As a simple example, let's say you're trying to use a UV-C lamp to disinfect your smartphone. Chances are, you will not be able to expose all sides of your smartphone simultaneously. You may want to flip your phone over a few times to make sure all sides receive enough UV-C exposure for sufficient disinfection.

With our smart design, KOZIS UV-C sanitizers are most capable of true 360 degree sanitization. The 360 degree refection plus one whole piece of quartz glass built-in, the item you place in will be covered by UV ray completely, leaves no dead spot. You will be confident that when the sanitization process is done, your item are clean again.

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